Failed Again?

You’re not alone. Getting that score is soul crushing, and, if you’re like me, makes you question if everything is worth it.

A 67. That’s the score I got on the test I passed two years ago. I failed the section that I live every day at work. Sure, I took it right after tax season and the excuse could be made that I was still recovering from that hell period. But the truth is I am terrible at studying. Terrible at telling people no. Terrible at shutting myself away to make sure I know the material. Because that’s what it takes.

Three years. Two attempts at REG. Four attempts at AUD and BEC. About to be five attempts at FAR when I take it at the end of the summer. That’s over $2k spent on the tests alone. Not to mention the cost of study materials. Now, my work did reimburse me for the first go around in the way of a loan that starts being worked off once I pass the exams, but I still either need to pay it off or have 1/4 of it written off for every year I work here for the next four years. This has been a huge investment.

Can I turn in my punch card for that free exam now?

Yes, those three letters after my name will be amazing for my career. CPA comes with raises and responsibilities and promotions. But the stress and the pressure is hard to handle after so long. I know I have to keep going- I’m half way there. And if I can finally do it, then so can you. We’re all in this together.

Never give up. Never surrender.

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