Let’s Get Nerdy

I am twenty-five years old. I have a professional career in an office. I love dressing up. My cosplay skills are very amateur, but I take every opportunity I can to costume it up. I mean, I attempted a business casual Obi Wan on May 4th, and I had Leia buns when episode 7 was released. I also wore my Slytherin robes to work one day (I don’t remember why, so don’t ask), and I bought a dress because it reminded me of Cinderella:FB_IMG_1532809899171.jpg

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I am the one one in my firm who wears something to work (I do keep it as business casual as possible). The past couple years have produced my Cruella De Vil and Beetlejuice get ups, but I have so much more planned in my head.

Business casual costume
Business casual costume

I have gone to Dragon*Con twice- once was a one day last minute thing and the other was the full weekend. I attempted to sew my Belle cosplay, but I underestimated the amount of time it would take and I was working full time and planning my wedding. Still, I managed to have four outfits:

Dragon*Con Jedi Aurora
My attempt at sewing Belle’s blue dress
Maybel and Waddles from Gravity Falls
Glinda the Good Witch

As of now I do not have any plans to go to another con (I really need to get that exam passed), but is is about time to start planning this year’s Halloween costume. I have a few ideas- a couple of which follow my villains theme of the past couple Halloweens- but it’s a matter of execution without breaking the budget.

I just got caught up on Doctor Who. Missy is the greatest. She’s practically a demented Mary Poppins- a costume I could mostly put together with things in my closet. I’m pretty sure no one at work would know the difference, though, so while fun, Missy may be too obscure.

Marie from the Aristocats would be easy. White dress, pink bows, maybe some cat ears. It would probably be REALLY cute and I could wear it again the next time I go to Disney World as a DisneyBound outfit. I just have none of the pieces in my wardrobe already, and that could be an issue.

Currently, my third and final idea is genderbent Gaston. I have already done a genderbend with my Beetlejuice from last year, and Gaston is just great. The outfit would be another DisneyBound option- just need a red shirt, black pants, boots and that big buckle belt he has. With the right shirt/ maybe dress I could even do black leggings. The yellow collar and gloves would be tricky if I wanted to be super detailed, but everything else would work.

Does anyone else have any ideas? Who do you like to cosplay as? Let me know in the comments!

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