God Bless Kilts

My life has recently been taken over by fictional Scotland. I am making sure to put the fictional in there because I have no idea how realistic my exposures have been.

If I’m being honest with myself, I fell in love with the country back in the days of Brave (still super obsessed over Merida in the Ralph Breaks the Internet trailer). and more recently when I binged Reign over the summer. Yes, I know that Mary was a Scot raised in France, but she was still a Scot. The Philippa Gregory books have also touched upon Scotland’s history in dealing with the English, and I have read most of those the past couple of months.

Well, this past week I have discovered Outlander. I had a free trial of Stars with Amazon Prime, and I had heard great things about the show. Full disclosure: I have only seen season one as of now.

Oh my lord, the kilts. God bless kilts.

The Scottish characters are freaking amazing. Sure. you have your share of sleezeballs and jerks, but most of the characters are strong and intelligent. Even the “bad guy” British characters are well written (yes, even Randall even though I hate that guy). And the women! Oh my gosh I love them all. Even in the eighteenth century world, they are independent and strong and cunning and just plain smart.

I am just so in love with this show right now, you guys. I do have the book borrowed from the library right now as well, but I am not my usual picky self when it comes to reading before watching. I do like being able to pick up on the differences, though.

If you have not watched this show, I recommend it. And let me know if you have any other suggestions to fuel this love for Scotland (fictional or not).

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