Challenge Report

Well, we changed the challenge end date to this past weekend from the 15th as we both forgot to weigh in that day, but both of us completed the challenge! My husband and I have each lost ten pounds in the past couple of months. Yay us!

My swimsuit reward has been ordered, and I am hoping that it will get here in time for our cruise next week. Taylor has not officially chosen his prize, so for now it is me nagging him to choose. Apparently he has too many books in his TBR pile for that to be the prize as originally suggested.

There is not a new challenge goal yet, because vacation. But we are going to try to not overdo the buffet style foods and sugary drinks while on board the ship. We also plan to go to the fitness room at least twice during the week. I know vacations are about enjoying yourself, and we will. I just don’t want to undo all the hard work we’ve done in this challenge.


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