Countdown to Halloween- 1

Day seven of the Halloween Costume Countdown! Tomorrow is the big day!!

A reminder: not all costumes will be Halloween costumes because I just love any excuse to dress up. On Halloween, I will post what I decided to wear for my annual work appropriate costume.

The last costume of the countdown was for a Halloween party last year. While I still wanted to do Beetlejuice (as evidenced by my makeup, wig, and shirt choice), we decided to do a group costume of Cards Against Humanity. It was super simple to have the t-shirts made, and we brought previously selected white cards for people to play when we got to the party. My husband has a shirt as well, but he could not get off work that day. I don’t remember what his black card was, but it is somewhere in his dresser. It was a lot of fun and a great way to do a group costume if anyone needs ideas!


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