Today is the day we have all been dreading. Stan Lee, after an amazing 95 years, has left our world behind.

He gave us so much. I never had the opportunity to meet him and thank him, but I always heard that he was a gem and a great man when it came to his fans.

The Marvel universe will never be the same without him. We will miss his presence- not just in his cameos. Mr. Lee was- is- the heart of Marvel. He shaped a world where we could be all sorts of heroes. Where we could learn to accept our differences and learn how they made us stronger even though we felt we were mutants. We learned that not all heroes are strictly good, and sometimes a hero means making a ka-bob out of villains and walking the line of “um, I think he’s actually a bad guy…”

He taught us that rage could be a strength and everyone can be redeemed. That being dead doesn’t mean being gone. And he will never be gone. Not truly. The legacy he left behind will continue to grow and be enjoyed generation after generation. We will never forget Stan Lee.

Rest in peace, hero.

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