I Found A New Hobby

And that hobby is TikTok. I know, I am 27 years old. I work full time and cannot dance to save my life. BUT, making videos has become a stress-relief activity.

Especially cosplay videos. I am super new to cosplay, so my attempts are not that great. I currently have costumes for four or five characters, though only three have made it to my account so far.

My main cosplay is Thumbelina, and I love her so much. The wig is heavy. The movie was on repeat during my childhood. The only problem is that the soundtrack is no where to be found which makes audio hard to find.

My other two right now are the Riddler and Beetlejuice. Those need make up work as I am not great at it, but they are a lot of fun to play around with. Can’t be good all the time, right?

My upcoming characters shall not be revealed until all is ready. Keep an eye on the horizon (and black candles).

Oh, and I now have a fourth Instagram for my cosplay things. Mariebee_cosplays is the handle. I forgot to take pictures the last time I was in costume, but I am posting some of my TikTok videos there until I can get some done.

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