A Somewhat New Venture

For the lore, we need to go back a decade to the year 2011. I was a senior in high school, and I was making a lot of friendship bracelets by knotting embroidery floss. Somehow I got the idea to sell the bracelets for a few dollars each and to usses that money to donate to Susan G. Komen for a Cure. A little while later, Pearl’s Bracelets was born. Between 2011 and 2013 I managed to raise a little over $1,500 by selling bracelets, keychains and earrings. The sales were donated to Susan G. Komen, Bert’s Big Adventure, and a couple of local families in need. Then adult life started and the project died.

Fast forward too November 2020. I found all of my old Pearl’s Bracelets things – patterns, sale logs, donation logs, etc. Now I knew then that I had kept the embroidery floss, and I had been searching for that stash in the hopes that making bracelets would help my anxiety (it does). When I found the rest of it, I almost cried. Looking at it all brought so many memories and passion back.

Several women in my life battled breast cancer, but it was my great-aunt Pearl that stands out among the rest. Before she passed in 2010, she was a shining, positive light. Pearl was my grandmother’s oldest sister, and that entire side of the family lives in south Indiana. M grandfather was in the Navy, so that’s how my group of hooligans ended up in Georgia, a good eight hour drive away. Because of this distance, I did not get to see Aunt Pearl much, but I remember her house always being full of joy and laughter and fun. Cows, and a vague sense of a pig being there, in the backyard/ farm included.

That spirit of life and hope is what I wanted to honor by having her as the namesake for my project. It is a spirit that was almost forgotten during 2020, but I am bringing it back in 2021. Pearl’s Bracelets and Handmade Accessories will open in the first few months of the year. I am looking into registering it as a real business, hopefully a non-profit. There is much I still need to research on it.

But, Pearl’s Bracelets already has a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I am updating them pretty frequently with business updates and the like. I hope to start taking orders soon. There is also a giveaway in the works.

Things are going to be slightly different this time around. Pearl’s Bracelets and Handmade Accessories will not just be focusing on one cause – last time the primary focus was breast cancer. No, this time we will be donating to a variety of causes chosen by our patrons. They will have chances to nominate and vote on a different featured organization every so often through our Facebook group. There are too many things that are dear to me, and I do not want to put a limit on what we support.

The main question I need to figure out the answer to is whether or not customers can list a portion of their purchase as a charitable deduction on their tax returns. I imagine that probably lies into the registration status of Pearl’s Bracelets.

If you are interested in my project, here are the different Pearl’s Bracelets links:

Keep an eye on these places for more details and announcements. A separate blog and an Etsy page may be in the future as well. It all just depends on structuring laws and how much the other things in my life take time away from Pearl’s Bracelets. I hope to see you on one of the platforms!

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