Happy NaNo!

Go start yours!

National Novel Writing Month is here! 20 days. 50,000 words. Roughly 1,667 words a day. Time to ration the discount Halloween candy to get through the challenge.

My project this year is Golden Soul. I am also using the software Schrivener for the first time. So far I really like it. Go start your project by going to NaNoWriMo.org and announcing your novel! Then add me as a buddy: DestinyDalma.

Well, I have writing to get to. Good luck to all the novelists out there!

NaNoWriMo 2019 Planning Update

I finally have a title! Golden Soul

One of my main characters’ name means empty light and I think that is the coolest.

While filling out a character sheet on Scrivener:

That’s right. The devil’s occupation is…. DEVILLING.
I cracked myself up with this one.

Right now the story is going to be set in Victorian era with a steampunk feel, but I may make it set in the future just so my MC has to have a music off in Hell with Elton John (I love Elton. It’s just a thing in my story that all musicians and script writers are in hell. ESPECIALLY the anyone who creates a musical. My devil is super into theatre.)

Just over a week before NaNoWriMo starts! If you are also taking the challenge, add me as a buddy: Destinydalma.

Challenge Report

Well, we changed the challenge end date to this past weekend from the 15th as we both forgot to weigh in that day, but both of us completed the challenge! My husband and I have each lost ten pounds in the past couple of months. Yay us!

My swimsuit reward has been ordered, and I am hoping that it will get here in time for our cruise next week. Taylor has not officially chosen his prize, so for now it is me nagging him to choose. Apparently he has too many books in his TBR pile for that to be the prize as originally suggested.

There is not a new challenge goal yet, because vacation. But we are going to try to not overdo the buffet style foods and sugary drinks while on board the ship. We also plan to go to the fitness room at least twice during the week. I know vacations are about enjoying yourself, and we will. I just don’t want to undo all the hard work we’ve done in this challenge.


Challenge Update

A few months ago I posted about a health challenge between myself and my husband. As we are two weeks from that challenge deadline, I thought I would give an update.

Reminder: the challenge is for each of us to lose ten pounds by September 15. If he wins, he gets a crap ton of books. If I win, I get a new one piece bathing suit for our cruise on October 1 (hence the September deadline. I need time to shop).

As of today, he is two pounds away from the goal, and I am four. Not where I wanted to be personally, but it’s still doable.

We signed up for LA Fitness this weekend after having two week guest passes from my coworker. I have seen a huge difference in the past few weeks just from going to the gym regularly. I only really use the elliptical, but I am averaging about 2.5 miles in 20 minutes with 2 miles completed in 22 minutes. Bonus: the machines at the facility hold my Kindle Paperwhite perfectly so I am able to read while working out, and I think that has helped a lot.

The plan for the next couple of weeks is to hunker down on the healthier eating and hitting the gym at least four times a week. I need to throw in some strength based workouts in there somewhere as well, but I am pretty confident that I will beat this challenge.

After that, I’ll just have to make sure I do not over-indulge on the unlimited rolls, sodas, and alcohol that are available on cruise ships. I am determined not to gain more than a couple pounds (because it’s almost guaranteed on vacation) on the cruise. Healthy choices now make healthy habits later, right?

I Did A Thing

I reached my Goodreads goal of reading 30 books in 2018 with months to spare! It is all because I got a Kindle Paperwhite on Prime Day this year, and I figured out how to borrow e-books from the library. It has made reading so much easier (and cheaper).  I did not specify that these needed to be new to me books, but I am not including repeats like Harry Potter in my ranking of favorites.

I will probably update my goal with another 10 books, but here’s the 30 I read this year, in order that I read them:

  1. Kenobi– John Miller
  2. Welcome to Nightvale– Jeffrey Cranor (Favorite podcast as well. WtNV is amazing)
  3. Mostly Void, Partially Stars– Jeffrey Cranor
  4. A Glimmer of Hope– Steve McHugh
  5. The Sword of Summer– Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson with Norse gods. Love it.)
  6. Wall of Storms– Ken Liu (Slow beginning, but it got good eventually)
  7. Thrawn– Timothy Zhan (This guys is my favorite Star Wars author hands down)
  8. Lords of the Sith– Paul S. Kemp
  9. Bloodlines– Karen Traviss
  10. Choices of One– Timothy Zhan
  11. A Shadow of What was Lost– James Islington (Favorite new author and series discovery. The final book of the trilogy comes out next year, and I am so ready)
  12. Chamber of Secrets– J.K. Rowling
  13. Prisoner of Azkaban– J.K. Rowling
  14. An Echo of Things to Come– James Islington
  15. Amulet of Samarkand– Jonathan Stroud (This one was also a repeat, but I do love this series)
  16. Traitor Born– Amy Bartol (Sequel to a book I got from the free monthly Kindle book through Amazon Prime. Kind of Hunger Games-ish. I like the series so far.)
  17. Goblet of Fire- J.K Rowling
  18. Order of the Pheonix– J.K. Rowling
  19. Cousin’s War– Phillipa Gregory (This was actually three books in one)
  20. Throne of Glass– Sarah J Maas (Totally intrigued. Can’t wait for the next one to come from the library.)
  21. Half Blood Prince– J.K. Rowling
  22. Deathly Hallows– J.K. Rowling
  23. The Fire Queen– Emily R. King (Another series I started thanks to Amazon Prime Kindle book of the month thing. Also good.)
  24. The Rogue Queen– Emily R. King
  25. Maul: Lockdown– Joe Schreiber (I expected more from a Darth Maul book, but I still liked it.)
  26. A Court of Thorns and Roses– Sarah J Maas (Okay. So, this one cheats because there are Beauty and the Beast elements and I am weak.)
  27. The Last Tudor– Phillipa Gregory
  28. The White Princess– Phillipa Gregory
  29. Three Sisters, Three Queens– Phillipa Gregory
  30. Sharp Objects– Gillian Flynn (Have not watched the HBO show yet, but holy crap this book’s twists)

Out of the new to me books on my list, the ones by James Islington and Timothy Zhan are my favorite. I love the Phillipa Gregory books as well, but Tudor England is my favorite time period. I am also becoming a fan of Gillian Flynn and Sarah J Maas, so we’ll see where that goes later on.

Have any book recommendations? Let me know!

A New Challenge

I have known my husband for seven years. When we met, I was fresh from high school and softball and he was in ROTC. I only say that for reference- we were both doing athletic things and therefore we looked a lot different than we do now.

Life happened. We both have desk jobs and don’t move as much as we used to. It’s no big deal. We love each other and are still attracted to each other. But, we are feeling the health effects of Netflix and sleep on the couch.

We started going to the park a couple of weeks ago and the improvement in how we feel was pretty immediate. It’s an average of 17.5 minutes per mile because I have NEVER been a cardio type of girl, but we decided to work on our time before increasing our current 3 mile trek.

So, this past weekend we made a deal. I have a list of “rewards” I get to treat myself to when I lose a certain amount of weight and keep it off for a week. He knows about this list, and, if I lose 10 pounds by September 15, he is going to buy me a new bathing suit for our cruise in October. If he loses the 10 pounds, I am going to buy him something of his choosing for the same value. Right now, that’s going to be like $70 worth of books as he is reading the Horus Heresy and is 47 books long or something like that, but he can change his mind before then.

I’m totally getting to that 10 pounds before him. I’m a competitive girl. I may not be better at jogging/running than him, but I have a feeling I’m going to be better at portion control and doing a more variety of work outs. This is going to be fun.