The Final Countdown

I take REG on Friday. My last section of the CPA exam. I won’t find out my score until Dec. 11, so I am really hoping Santa will grant my Christmas wish and make me a CPA. Mostly because I don’t want to study anymore, but also because those letters come with more opportunity and a pay raise. Not too shabby.

Wish me luck this week as I do my final reviews and such. This is it!

Near… FAR…

Tomorrow is the big day. The day I take the FAR portion of the C.P.A. exam for the fourth time. My previous scores has ranged from the mid 50s to the mid 60s, so I think it is safe to say that this test is my doom.

I really started to study hard the past month or so, and I felt pretty good leading up to last weekend when I planned to take time off to have a no-distraction study palooza. Well, life happened and there was a death in the family, so I did not get the amount of studying done that I probably needed to. So, right now I feel kind of apprehensive, and I did make a “worst case senario” plan, but I can still totally pass this.

I did make use of those word documents I posted about a while ago. Here they are for all my transparent glory:

Yes, I color coded my notes. I have three or four sets of colored pens. They are not just for my planner.

You can also see that There are a lot of “none” spaces on my tracker. Yeah, I should have started getting serious sooner. I also went on vacation and ignored everything for a couple of those weeks. Slight regret because I am not where I want to me on the practice tests, but I needed my vacation.

My test is at 8 am tomorrow morning. It is a four hour test that will probably take me two hours if I go by past exams. Hopefully, it will take me a tad longer than that because my speed is not a good thing when the questions are made to trick you. I need to slow down and make sure I read and reread everything.

I plan on taking today as a major review day on the areas I still have issues in. Work has been crazy busy this week, so I do not know if I will get much time, but I have also worked my butt off the past few days to get all my assignments to a point where I may get time to review at my desk this afternoon. We’ll see.

Wish me luck and good luck to everyone else taking the exam!

Vacations are Bad for Studying

But are SO worth it for the mental health benefits.

You may have noticed I have been quiet the past week. Well, I was on a staycation/ vacation. I spent the beginning of the week spending some quality time at home and doing things with my husband before ending the week at the beach for the second annual girls’ weekend I do with my mom, aunts, and best friend.

I got to relax and not worry about anything until I got home last night. Then I realized I did not look at any of my CPA exam notes for ten days. I had the intention to- I downloaded my notes onto my new Kindle Paperwhite with the intention of reading over them while lounging on the beach. Instead, I reread Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and half of Prisoner of Azkaban for the hundredth time (no regrets there).

I have exactly a month before I take the FAR exam for the fifth time. It’s past time to get serious, but I have a plan: do nothing on the weekends until after the 24th (with one exception for Fantasy Football League draft day). I need to crack down on doing multiple choice questions and practice exams and copying my notes so I get something ingrained in my head. Easier said than done, I know, but it is a necessary evil. My scores so far have not been great, so I really have to focus if I want to pass this exam (and I REALLY want to pass).

So, to all of my family and friends, I am not mad at you. I am not going through a mental health down spiral. I am ignoring you. I am studying. I still love you. See you Labor Day weekend.

Does Hogwarts Teach Accounting?

So, after seeing my failing score yesterday, I cried. I cried a few times, both at the office and at home. But then I got pissed off. And I started thinking how to better my study habits and my time. I put on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for some good angst fuel, and I made a thing in Word Online:

Oh, yes. Harry Potter themed tracking and notes. I am actually super proud of this, even if the color printer at work is not working so I’m stuck with a black and white copy for now. It actually took a few hours to format the way I wanted it, mostly because I started making it on a tablet that did not want to cooperate the way I wanted it to. But the end result is beautiful.

The goal is to make studying more fun. Now I can pretend that I am studying for an auror’s exam rather than the C.P.A. exam. I just need to channel my inner Hermione Granger and pass this thing.

Since I do have it in Word, I can customize this to fit any exam/ school setting. I am more than willing to share this with anyone who wants it. It is a two page document, so you’ll need to make copies as you need them. Students, teachers, whoever. Just let me know if you want a copy and I will send it to you.