The Accounting Life

I have been working in the accounting field since September 2014. I earned my bachelor’s degree at Georgia College and State University in December 2014 and my master’s in professional accounting at Georgia State University in May 2016.

Side note: I was originally an English major with a concentration in creative writing. Big jump, I know, but I do not have the patience to be a teacher. Also, writing full time is hard.

I am still working on passing the C.P.A. exam. I first took it while working full time and taking my master’s classes, so it’s taken a few tries. As of now, I am one section away from passing the whole thing. I just passed FAR on my fifth try, so I am really motivated. I would be applying already, but REG is a retest as I lost my passing credit in January 2018. When they say you have eighteen months to pass all four sections, they mean it.

I enjoy accounting. My main gig is tax accounting, which is fun January-April and September-October. The rest of the months are slower, which means, for now, I get to dab in accounting services and focus on studying for the exams. I enjoy accounting services, and I have a great mentor for it. I have great mentors for tax too, but accounting services is a small department right now, so to be able to learn and help out is amazing.