Not So Magical After All?

I wanted to post about this sooner, but I just did not know what to say. I am still learning about the topic at hand, and all I can really offer is my personal opinion and views on things. There have been so many responses to this already- I suggest you read more than just this post if you have not done so.

I am talking about the tweets and statements made by J.K. Rowling about the trans community. She made quite the stir with her conservative views about their rights, and she doubled down on her publicly stated views after her fans rightfully tried to educate her on the matter.

My opinion is this: you can separate the creator from the art and still appreciate the beauty and message. You can also have various reactions to different situations based on your own compass and the sin. Your views are your own, and they are valid. However, you should be open to learning and listening if someone points out the flaws. And in this case, Miss Rowling is in the wrong.

I will admit that I first gave her a pass on what she said. She is the author of the series that shaped my childhood- really most of the millennial generation. I wanted to believe that she just did not understand what she was tweeting about, and that she would learn from the responses. However, when she refused to back down and claimed to be a victim of the internet, I quickly realized she was not a person worth my respect. Transgendered individuals are humans, and they should have the same rights as everyone. Gender is not an absolute, and a person should be able to be comfortable within their own body.

What hurts the most is Harry Potter is about love and acceptance. The bad guys were literally evil because they wanted to discriminate and commit genocide based on archaic views. Yes, there are some problematic things in the story regarding stereotypes and representation, but the seven books boil down to clear messages of hope. Friendship prevails. Hate loses. Love and accept everyone, no matter their status. It’s kind of a simple concept, really. It’s a shame that the author cannot practice what she writes.

I will not stop loving the Wizarding World. She just doesn’t exist to me anymore. This is the fun part of this situation- how fans are replacing her. Is Starkid the real author and everything else just fanfiction? Hermione decided to write a memoir. Maybe there is no one author and it was written by magic. I’m not sure which one I like best- perhaps a combination of them all?

Again, I am not the best person to be writing about this as I have limited knowledge. I am a straight cis female, but I do consider myself to be a LBGTQIAPK ally. I could be a better ally- I am usually pretty quiet on social media when it comes to these things. I tell myself it’s because I don’t want to start fights with family and friends, but that’s a pretty bad excuse. I want to be better. Learn more. Speak up more. That starts today.

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